GetReady training for English Speakers (GetReady training for English Speakers)

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GetReady training for English Speakers

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Preparation courses for members of the Alpinteam (alpine team) and the Jugendteam (youth team)

If you are a Tourenführer-Anwärter*in (aspirant tour leader), Jugendleiter-Anwärter*in (aspirant youth leader) and Familiengruppenleiter-Anwärter*in (aspirant family group leader) and would like to put the finishing touches to your skills in order to be fit and well-prepared for Übungsleiter trainings, GetReady is the right training program for you. These trainings do not require any specific prerequisites and do not have give you any certification. There is no exam - neither at the end of the course nor as an ongoing evaluation during the training, only a lot of information.

While the GetReady programme is intended to be an intense preparation module prior to the Übungsleiter trainings, Tourenführer*innen, Jugendleiter*innen and Familiengruppenleiter*innen who are already active can also benefit from it, using it as an advanced training course. It is a taster course to get to know new alpine disciplines and promotes alpine diversity.

General criteria for the participation in GetReady trainings:

  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Curiosity and interest in the respective course content
  • Member of the alpine or youth team


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